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Anonymous A asked on Apr 16, 2021

Is it better to send networking emails at the start of the week or on Friday right before the weekend when people are more relaxed? There's also the chance it would get ignored on a Friday because people just want to start their weekend. Any thoughts on this?


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Hi there,

Most of the research on email marketing shows that Tuesday is the best day to send emails and weekends are the worst. However, there is no huge difference in open rates Monday to Friday.

In practical terms, the subject you put in and the content will be more important than the day or time to get a reply (assuming you don't send them during the weekend). The subject of the email in particular is where candidates do often mistakes.



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Hi there,

I generally find Tuesday (mid-to-late morning) has the highest success rate. There is data to suggest this is an ideal day/time to reach out to people.

Wednesday is also a good 2nd option.


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Send on Monday or generally earlier in the week. Time to send around mid-morning or mid-afternoon as people generally feel a bit at ease and/or take a break at that time :). Psycho plays but it works believe me..obvsiouly no guarantees that they will be glued to their mailbox waiting for that email to arrive from you..haha!

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Hey there!

Sending emails on Friday, you risk not getting the reply until Monday. It's better to send them at the beginning of the workweek or in the middle. They will see your message anyway and answer as soon as they will be ready to do so.

Good luck!


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In all honesty, you're overthinking this. If they're busy they might not respond. This happens. But these guys didn't get to their Partner/MD position by systematically not responding to emails that they get on a Friday.

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