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Structure question

New answer on Nov 26, 2019
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Anonymous A asked on Sep 25, 2019

I dont understand this structure, i found it too general, do you have any suggestion of an other structure (more MECE) and with real under-parts :)


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Best answer
Enrico replied on Nov 26, 2019


I agree with your comment. The structure proposed is too specific in my opinion. As an interviewer, I would like to keep it more general at the beginning, while we still don't know anything about either our company or the competitor. I would start to analyze our client VISO:

- Revenue, Profits, and Trends (--> to see the overall outlook of the company)

- Who are their customers?

- Which products do they offer? Credit Card, or other bundles?

- How do they reach out to customers? (--> physical bank, online, etc. --> marketing strategies differ)

- Brand recognition

Then I would go on inquiring about the MARKET AND COMPETITOR

- MKT size and trends

- Competitors

- For the new competitor, I would then like to understand who they are, which products they offer at which conditions, their revenue model, their objective (high margins, mkt share, brand positioning)

Then I will eleborate on the STRATEGY to pursue the client's objective

That's my opinion, let me know what you think.

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