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Dear Preplounge community,

I am preparing different consulting companies and I have some specific questions regarding the framework. Instead of applying for a framework, I am trying to craft my own one. Usually, I am using 3 blocs to crack the case. But on some corrections (casebook or tutorials that I bought or coaches), they advise using more than 5/6 blocs which I found really weird.

What do you think about it?


Example of a public case 

Prompt, your client is the government of the Philippines. They have noticed a trend of SMB from English speaker developed countries hiring Filipinos for VR assistant jobs such as web design, presentation of design, administrative tasks, and even for more complex tasks such as data analysis, social media marketing, and programming.

They have talked to workers and employees in this booming industry and have found out these firms from other countries are doing this because of Filipino's excellent English, good skills, and work ethic, and their relatively low salary. The workers love it because they get flexible work and are getting paid more than average for domestic jobs. Due to these factors, the government wants to stimulate this new sector and have the Philippines become a global hub for outsourcing services. What factors would you propose?

The framework proposed was :

Demand (who are and what kinds of services are they looking for?)

Workforce (what kinds of jobs can our people do?)

Types of jobs?





My question here is:

1/ Could it be a problem to have several blocs?

2/ Does this framework relevant to you?





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replied on Sep 24, 2021
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Usually 3-6 pillars in your framework is fine. Beyond 6 means that you are not thinking in a simple manner, Below 3 means you are thinking trivially.

Further, there is NO fixed way to structure - ever. Each framework is your own.

In this case, one possible solution could be:

  • Economic considerations - will this sector bring economic benefit to Philippines?
  • Strategic considerations - will this sector align with overall strategic priorities of Philippines?
  • Fit considerations - will this sector impact (+/-) Philippines' competitiveness in other outsourcing sectors?
  • Regulatory considerations - will this sector require any difficult regulatory decisions?
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Hi there,

Careful here! Online materials are really not that good for structuring (it's just hard to translate onto paper). Shoot me a message…I specialize in the mindset shifts requried for structured thinking/frameworking.

1/ Could it be a problem to have several blocs?

100%. Anywhere from 2 to 5 is reasonable. As long as they are MECE.

2/ Does this framework relevant to you?

Not in the slightest. It's mostly a list of ideas/options. It's not MECE at all! And it's just a bunch of questions. Not a good framework!


Another way of viewing it:


Your framework is your structure for approaching the problem. It consits of a few main areas you'd like to look at. Inherent in your framework is a view that "If I answer A, B, and C, then we have an answer"


So, for market entry:


1) If the market is big, and it's growing, then we still want to considering entering


2) If #1 = yes, then let's see if it's attractive...can we win there? Is our product good/better than our competition's? Etc. If yes, let's definitely consider entering.


3) If #1 and #2 = yes, then, when we do enter, are we sure we can win? I.e. do we have the right plans. Will implementation actually pan out? Do we have the expertise, capital, etc.? In other words, if #2 is the thearectical, #3 is the reality.


Then, your summary becomes "I believe we should enter the market, if we can prove it's a good market, the it's attractive to us specifically, and that we will win it".


^Now this is a hypothesis/structure :)


Read these 2 Q&As for some great context + discussion:


Hope this helps! This is a tricky topic that's difficult to properly answer in writting...if you want a more thorough explanation, and training in the mindset shift required here, don't hesitate


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replied on Oct 31, 2021
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