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Anonymous A asked on Dec 04, 2016 - 3 answers

Hi guys,

I am having my final round assessment center with Strategy& this wednesday. Can anyone shed some insights on the interview process? I will have 2 case interview and a presentation session? what format will the presentation session be like and how to prepare (i heard that we need to present in front of two partners, is it true?) also, for the case interview, since I am interviewing for the M&A Team, will my case interview be merger and acquisition cases? or market sizing like my first round interivew... Thanks,


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Anonymous B replied on Dec 05, 2016

Dunno if this helps since I dunno which country u r applying n my interview was a few years back. Had it on campus in India with booz & company. There were 3 rounds:
Round 1: Case Study Interview

  • Short personal fit interview (be prepared to answer thoroughly any point on resume. In my case we discussed 1 point for about 20 mins!)
  • actual case interview. I was presented the case and then I solved it together with the interviewer in about 40 mins

Round 2: Personal interview and case study

  • PI for about 20 mins: common questions like tell me about yourself, what qualities does a good consultant have, also general knowledge questions like what went wrong with enron etc.

  • case study: it was something about advising an oil marketing company on whether or not they should launch a card payment option

Round 3: HR interview. its basically a personal fit interview talking about previous working experience etc.

Astrid replied on Dec 05, 2016
PrepLounge Community & Marketing Manager

Hi Jenny,

Congratulations on getting into the final round with Strategy&!

As far as I know, the interview process may differ slightly depending on the country you are applying to.

In Germany, the interview day should proceed somewhat like the following:

1. First Round:

  • Case Interview (in German):
    • personal fit interview (~15 min)

    • case study (~40 min)

    • questions from your side (~5 min)

    • This is your chance to show them your analytical and quantitative skills as well as your creativity and ability to communicate The type of case depends on the interviewer, but usually it is based on actual projects or scenarios (no brainteasers). It is not so much the result that matters but rather your approach to get to the result.

  • Case Interview (in English):
    • same structure as above

  • Presentation:
    • ​​you have to solve a problem based on information given (~25 min.)

    • presentation of your results and further questions (~10 min.)

    • This is your chance to show them your presentation skills. In a short time period, you have to identify the right information and present your results in a clear and structured manner.

2. Lunch Break

3. Second Round

  • Case Interview (in German):
    • same structure as above

  • Partner Interview:
    • this can be another case interview or just a casual conversation depending on the previous rounds and the partner’s mood

4. Feedback

  • Your personal feedback will be directly given to you at the end of the interviews. If you were successful, they will already make you an offer.

I don’t know if you have seen this but on the Australian Strategy& website, you can find some info on the interview process in Australia and further tips for solving cases. You might want to check that out.

I hope this helps and that someone will still share their first hand experience with Strategy& here on the forum!

And if not, maybe you can share your experience next week - it could be really helpful for future candidates :)

But for now, I wish you all the best for your interview on Wednesday!!!

Best wishes,


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Kelsey replied on Feb 04, 2017

HI Jenny, hope your application went well. do you mind sharing your experience in Strategy&. many thanks,

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