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Anonymous A asked on May 01, 2018

Hi all,

I have two cases coming up (Deloitte Digital and BCG Digital Ventures), both will have a case or discussing through a client problem related to digital transformation (likely around digital in FS).

Is there a specific framework or guideline I should follow for answering this?


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replied on May 01, 2018
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Since there may be many kinds of digital transformation cases, I recommend searching the websites of Delloite, BCG, McKinsey for the articles on the most popular digital topics. These articles have some great frameworks that you can use.

Here is a list of potential topics you need to know. It is a full list and looks scary but they test a lot of these concepts depending on the particular role:

  • Database design (Centralized vs decentralized, sharding, factors influencing the number of replicas - the volume of data, future scale, growth, data structure, desired speed, etc)
  • Cloud (cloud vs own servers pro and cons, virtual machines, containerization, uptime % SLAs, load balancing, etc)
  • Security (encryption basics, public keys, password change policy, cloud security and encryption on your computer)
  • Agile and development (Agile principles, Environments: Developing, testing, production, Native apps / web apps / hybrid apps, etc)
  • M&A and IT (Will it be one system or two systems? Is it "Adopt and go" approach or we take the best of both systems and create a new one? Integrate now, innovate later? Or Innovate now, when you have time?)
  • IT strategy and Digital transformation (Similar to M&A)
  • IoT (Mainly the use of IoT in operations - Process steps completion, measuring temperature, maintenance measurements, other measurements, predicative algorithms, etc)

There will be also a mix of regular and IT cases. For the regular cases on preplounge will be most helpful.

Good luck!

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Hi there,

There isn't one right framework for digital transormation! Think about it, the question could be "our digital transformation has fallen behind. How do we fix it?" or, it could be "x company in y industry is looking to embark on a digital transformation. How do we set it up" or "As part of their digital transformation, x company in y industry is looking to employ data analytics/AI. What do we prioritize and how?" etc .etc .

All of these have different frameworks/approaches!

Now, my strong suggestion is to 1) Learn how to framework 2) Learn/read the main digital/IT topics on Dloitte Digital, BCG Platinion, McK Digital etc. websites 3) Tie both #1 and #2 together in digital transformation cases...ideally with the help of a coach.

Now, I know it's hard to get resources on this - there isn't much! That's why I created a number of cases (some public, some private) and a lot of preparation material around this. Feel free to reach out for support (I'm helped countless candidate in this area), and, regardless, have a look at my public content here:




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