Skype call with MBB HR manager after referral; what can I get out of it?

HR MBB Milan Referral

Hello Preplounge!

I will start with a little background about me. I am Italian and I am currently a postdoc in `target’ university in the UK. I got my PhD in Aerospace engineering in the same lab last year.

Long story short, I feel my learning curve has saturated in the last year and I want to challenge myself in a new environment. After a lot of pondering and talking to a very close friend of mine in BCG, I have decided this challenge is going to be consultancy.

My first choice would be the MBB Milan offices.

After a chat, my friend got in touch with a HR manager in the BCG Milan office and, after inspecting my CV, he agreed to talk over skype.

The call is scheduled for next week and it is supposedly just them explaining the Milan reality to me. However, on their website portal, I have noticed that they have filed a formal application as a full-time consultant.

Has anyone got any experience on the matter? Do you deem it realistic for me to land a 1st round interview scheduled after the phone call?

If so, how would maximise my chances or doing so?

I look forward to your replies. I have joined 3 days ago and I have found the answers on here to be incredibly useful and I would like to thank you in advance!



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Hi Andrea,

Agreed that you've most likely passed the screening, but this still may be a quasi-interview in that they're double-checking that you're a reasonable candidate.

I recommend taking the opportunity to ask some quetions specific to their office, but make sure you're not asking silly questions that you should have found out before from some research! Demonstrate your interest, competence, and likeability and you should be through!

Best of luck and continue to leverage this community in the process - it's a great resource!

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Most probably you've passed the screening and you'll be invited for a test / interview after the call.


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Thanks Vlad. What should I expect from the call then?

Dear Andy,

Porbably you were screened. For that skype call I would recommend you to prepare questions and some information about the company, and some you FIT stories that can prove your interest and quality to join them.

Wish you best of luck,

If you need any further help or advice, feel free to reach out.



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Hi Andrea,

I did work for BCG Milan Office very recently and happy to share my guidance regarding your roadmap for free at 15 min call. Feel free to reach me if you are interested.


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Thanks to both!

I had the feeling that would be the case. I will make sure I get my story `why BCG' etc. on point.

However, a minor concern is that there has been some misunderstanding: I was not quite ready to apply yet as I have only just started preparing cases. My main aim was really to get to know Milan reality and then decide my office preference.

Do you think that, in case they propose an interview, I can postpone this to say August or September?

Thanks again.



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