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Anonymous A asked on Jun 17, 2017 - 2 answers

Has anybody done the online numerical test with Simon&Kucher and can tell me the process, content and level of difficulty? Any information would be helpful for me! Thanks in advance

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Anonymous replied on Jun 17, 2017

HI Anonymous,

Did mine 2 weeks ago.

18 questions in 25 minutes - you will have a graph or table with data and 2/3 questions per graph.

Most questions are about growth rate, percentages, and logic.

PM if you want more detail.

Can you tell me more about the type of questions. you can mail me at r*************@g****.com — Ratnesh on Jul 10, 2018

Hi I am also looking for some examples of questions asked in the numerical test of Simon Kucher. I appreciate if you can email it to me at f****************@g****.com — Franco Luigi on Oct 29, 2018

Hey - thanks for the structure. Wondering if I could ask you a couple more questions about it? Email is s*******@u**.edu. — Olivia on Sep 20, 2019

Hi there! Thanks for the information. May I ask you more about the quantitative test of Simon-Kucher? My email is p*****@c*******.edu. Thanks in advance! — Anonymous B on Nov 12, 2019

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Most companies use SHL or Kenexa for numerical tests. My advice is to try free online test in SHL - see if you can get above 70%. If you struggle and need more practise - buy a package to try from Assessment Day. The more you practise, the easier and simpler it will seem.

Good luck,