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Simon&Kucher Online Numerical Test

Someone asked on Jun 17, 2017 - 2 answers

Has anybody done the online numerical test with Simon&Kucher and can tell me the process, content and level of difficulty? Any information would be helpful for me! Thanks in advance

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Someone replied on Jun 17, 2017

HI Anonymous,

Did mine 2 weeks ago.

18 questions in 25 minutes - you will have a graph or table with data and 2/3 questions per graph.

Most questions are about growth rate, percentages, and logic.

PM if you want more detail.

updated her answer on Jun 18, 2017
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Most companies use SHL or Kenexa for numerical tests. My advice is to try free online test in SHL - see if you can get above 70%. If you struggle and need more practise - buy a package to try from Assessment Day. The more you practise, the easier and simpler it will seem.

Good luck,