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Anonymous A asked on May 29, 2018 - 2 answers


I was wondering if anyone had any information about the Simon Kucher online test for the Sydney, Australia office?


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Anonymous C updated his answer on May 29, 2018

I recently went through the Simon-Kucher online test for the LATAM-office and it´s pretty much a SHL-style test (look it up online), which is not difficult at all.
There´s an exercising part (about 8 questions) before you start so you´ll get familiar with the type of questions they are asking and you can pause after this exercising part, you don´t need to directly continue with the actual test.

The actual test contained 18 questions pertaining to 3 main section/parts:

First part: Graphs displaying the revenues and profits of different branches of a company and they might ask you about the share of the renewable energy devision among the total profits, etc. Pretty chilled.

Second part: The second part addressed the allocation of hours within different business units of a company and compared the ratio and allocation of these hours. Again, pretty chilled

Third part : Pretty much a currency calculating part: They will display you the exchange rates of three different currencies and might ask you about a conversion of dollars into Bhutanese Ngultrum. Sounds scary, but again, it´s pretty chilled

Fun fact: Deloitte Switzerland provided me with the very same test, so its mor of a general testing rather than a specific test made by Simon-Kucher.

In total the testing consists of 18 questions within 30 minutes, trust me, time won´t be the critical factor.

Hope this is helpful for you and good luck!


Anonymous B updated his answer on May 29, 2018

It is the typical kind of interpret a graph test and usually the calculations for that are fairly straightforward. Just . pay attention to the units under consideration and other small traps, such as 3 bars being shown but only 2 being different categories and one the sum of the two, plus then they're not in the right order

thats nothing difficult but easy to overlook when youre trying to be fast