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Sign on bonus for experienced hires in BCG Dubai

Anonymous A asked on Oct 30, 2018

Hello everybody,

I graduated from B-school (MBA) 2 years ago. I have worked in consulting (tier 2) since then. I just received an offer from the BCG Dubai, but they did not offer a sign on bonus.

1. Any idea how negociable this is? What amount can I pretend to?

2. The offer also comes like an entry level, how possible is it to negociate the tenure.

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replied on Oct 30, 2018
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Usually sign on bonuses, if not offered in advance, are only negotiable if you have a good argument for them. A typical one I have heard for experienced hires is that "if I worked at my current company until Bonus time, I would get a bonus of £10k. Therefore, if you want me to start now, I would need a £10k bonus to compensate". You could try this, depending on how early they want you to start.

As for tenure - you can probably ask what the possibilities for fast promotion once you join. However, with only 2 years experience, it's unlikely they would offer you anything higher than a Consultant position. Most people I know that did switches like you started at the same / lower level than what they were at their previous firm, but then performed strongly and were able to get promoted much faster than the regular track.

replied on Oct 30, 2018
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As an x-BCGer in Dubai, I have never heard of a sign-on bonus - wish I had brighter news for ya :)

Vlad replied on Oct 30, 2018
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1) You can try to negotiate.

2) Tenure is non-negotiable and Tier2 is not a relevant benchmark for BCG


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