x-BCG Dubai, x-Recruitment lead for BCG, Case Interview Expert (350+ interviews, 100% recommendation rate), Ops Manager @ Uber
Uber, BCG
English, German, Greek
United Arab Emirates (UTC +4)
USD 269 / hour
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Interviewing candidates and providing them with detailed, honest feedback

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1) x-BCG Dubai consultant and US recruiting channel lead - worth noting that during my own recruiting a few years back, I received offers from McKinsey, Bain, AT Kearney and Oliver Wyman (Dubai and London offices)

2) I was educated in the U.S and graduated with honors from the University of Chicago (B.A in Political Science). My Masters degree is in Management and Finance from the University College of London (UCL). Part of my studies I also completed at Harvard doing research in organizational behavior and consumer economics

3) I have spent dozens of hours synthesizing BCG's approach, Victor Cheng's LOMS, his book, and Cosentino's book to create a comprehensive approach to cases. I am also very much focused on perfecting all behavioral traits and the fit interview presentation overall

4) I have helped 150+ of students get offers at BCG (and top consulting firms) through my own personal network and interviewed 30 or so students during my tenure here. My experience allows me to quickly address weaknesses and work alongside with my mentees to turn them into case study machines!

5) Key strength: I am approachable and work with you as a mentor - im tough on my feedback and friendly in all other areas. It has worked pretty well thus far :)


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