Should i take offer from no-name company?

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New answer on Dec 01, 2019
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Arty asked on Oct 02, 2019

I am 25 y/o and work at P&G, but got an offer from local no-name finish company (i guess low porfile company). they offer me 2x more pay than P&G, should i take it?

I'm afraid that MBB will down on my resume after such switch to noname

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replied on Dec 01, 2019
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Hi Arty,

it really depends on your goals, why did you apply for a position at that company in the first place?

The most useful experiences for MBB are:

  • Other strategy consulting firms, ideally Tier 2
  • Top strategy role for big brands

P&G seems more aligned for that, but again, without knowing your final goals it is difficult to comment.


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replied on Oct 05, 2019
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Radu replied on Oct 02, 2019
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Hey Arty!

Interesting challenge. My advice is to assess what you gain from the move, given the fact that you are young and have a lot of time ahead to make many (even bad) choices:

  1. Why are you talking MBB - is that your ultimate goal? If so, and consultancy is what you enjoy, skip the intermediaries. I wouldn't be concerned about them disregarding your resume if you do go for no-name; your experience, performance and network will decide where you go from there.
  2. Will the work be more interesting compared to your current position?
  3. Does the no-name company have a good training system or mentorship program? Do they have interesting and demanding clients?
  4. How do you perceive your potential future manager? No amount of money can compensate for a bad boss.

Best of luck,


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