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Roland Berger Analytical Test

Anonymous A

Hi all!

As I undertand, the analytical test for Roland Berger Consists three parts: numerical, verbal, logical. Does anyone knows whether a candidate is provided with a calculator for the numerical part?

Reason why I'm asking is: What I have heard is that the test is based on Korn Ferry Talent Q. When doing the practice assessment at Korn Ferry Website, they indicat that a calculator is needed (and the calculations definitely require one). Or is the RB test adjusted accordingly that computations can be done without calculator?


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Amina replied on 03/11/2018

Reach out to their HR. I know that those with first experience in consulting dont have to pass the analytical test

Ahmed replied on 03/12/2018

Were you able to get some information about the analytical test yet? I have the interview soon and I would be thankful if you share the updates with me. Thanks :)

Anonymous B replied on 03/10/2018

Just call HR, they should be able to provide you that information.

On a different note: how did you find out that RB's test is based on the Korn Ferry Talent q test?



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