Do you have any recommendations how to practice for the analytical test for Roland Berger (apps, books...?)

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Anonymous C asked on Aug 25, 2018

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Anonymous replied on Aug 26, 2018

I believe some of these resources might be helpful for you to practice:

1) GMAT Materials: practicing the quantitative parts of GMAT can help you brush up your analytical skills. The most useful part of GMAT, based on the RB questions I have seen, would be the "Integrated Reasoning" section. To find material to practice GMAT questions, you can download 2 free tests on the official GMAT website, and there are also a number of apps/services online with practice questions (e.g. GMAT Club, Gmat Pill, etc.)

2) Test appears similar to CEB/ SHL tests, so you can look for practice SHL test material. One way to prep, if you have time, is to make some dummy applications to investment banks, that automatically send you a math test to practice. This way you can practice questions in real conditions.

3) While it may be obvious, doing the prep on RB's website will obviously be useful and be the most accurate representation of the real test:

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