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Anonymous A asked on Mar 12, 2021

hey, one question regarding cover letters. i plan to send out cover letters soon. technically, i would be able to start on the job on 1st of april. however, i know that it will be later and my cover letter is too late for that. would you recommend mentioning that i will be able to start on the 1st of april anyway or is there a risk of them saying "we can't hire anyone until june/july" and i get rejected just because of that?

Should i rather say "to the next possible starting date"?

Thank you!


on Mar 13, 2021
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Hi there,

Not sure if I understood. If you say you are available to start from April, why should they reject you if they need someone in June/July?

In any case, you don’t necessarily need to put the proposed starting date on your cover if you believe it may create confusion.



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Hey there,

This will not have any impact on the hiring decision. Feel free to leave it on or remove it.

All the best



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You're overthinking this. This has no impact on any recruiting decisions. Recruiters are too smart to miss a great candidate just because they wrote a starting date that is too early in their CL.

During COVID many firms imposed hiring freezes. I've heard from many candidates that they just got told by firms that the earliest starting date the firm has available is X.

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Anonymous A on Mar 12, 2021
thanks! exactly what i wanted to hear :)

You’ll never be rejected because of the „too early starting date“. If they are not able to hire you from the date you selected, but you are a great candidate, they will definitely offer you a more suitable one.

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Hi there,

I'm actually just confused as to why you're even including a start date? Just remove it! Say "I'm interested in xx position" and leave it at that!

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No impact what so ever. They will give you an appropriate start date anyway should you make it through the process.

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