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Result of BCG first round is postponed to Monday, is that normal?

Anonymous A asked on Nov 17, 2018 - 4 answers


I had first round interview at BCG on Friday. I was supposed to hear about the result by phone from one of the consultants (as it is usual in most of consulting firms). However, I recieved a call from HR instead and she told me that I have to wait until Monday. She told me that consultants were very busy today and they didn't have time to finalize their decision. I was wondering

1. how usual this situation is in consulting interviews? and does it mean anything?

2. On monday I have a long flight and during the day I won't be available except a few hours. I told this to HR, but I don't know how much that will go through. Is it usual to recieve the result per email?

To be honest, I think I performed well during the interview. But I also know it's MBB and it might be that it was not good enough for them. If anyone had similar experience and could share the thought, it would be great! thanks.

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replied on Nov 17, 2018
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  1. Very usual :) - it normally takes between a few minutes up to a week to get the outcome of an interview. In the event of two interviewers, they must have a quick discussion to agree on the outcome…they also have to fill the feedback form and share it with the HR recruiting team; agendas of consultants can be very busy and so it is not uncommon that that has to be pushed by one or two days
  2. That is not a problem, I am sure the HR team will take your availability into account with no issue…regarding receiving the feedback via email, that usually happens in case of a negative one…but there is not really a written rule about it

I hope this helps,

Best of luck!


Anonymous replied on Nov 17, 2018

I agree with Jacopo.

1. The timing of the decision can be influenced by a lot of factors. In general, the recruiters like to have the interviewers discuss the interviews in person (or via phone) that day. But, consultants schedules sometimes don't align at the end of the interviewing day due to prior commitments (e.g., travel, personal commitments). Also, things just come up like medical emergencies. In both of those cases, the interviewers have to find an alternative time to connect to make a decision.

2. In terms of the form of communication, an offer is almost always communicated via a phone call and a turndown is office / consultant dependent. It can come via an email or even a mailed letter (rarely). So, don't be surprised if it you don't hear from them until even Tuesday with a decision.


replied on Nov 18, 2018
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Please relax and wait till Monday. If you pass the interview - they will find a way to reach you. The delay is absolutely normal.

P.S. this is the most common question that people ask here, so try to use search if you want to succeed in a consulting role;)


Sebastian replied on Nov 17, 2018

You will be notified of the result by email and then get a call from your interviewer with feedback, so I wouldn't worry about being busy during the day on Monday.

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