REPUTATIONAL TYPE OF QUESTION: is it fine to start as a consultant in a firm and resign in less than 6 months for another firm in the same country where I need a Visa?

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Anonymous A asked on Jul 02, 2018

I am a MSc graduate student aiming at an entry level at one of the MBB in a country where I need to have a sponsor for my visa and where I cannot rely on connections now.

Up to now, I got a job offer for an entry level position in a second tier company in that country.

I am planning to accept the offer, move there, and start my networking once there in order to secure my dream job by January 2019.

Is it somethig feasible?

1) Can I resign from my top-tier 2 company after less than 6months?

2) If I start to network with consultants and HR of MBB, will they consider that negatively? (something like: "She is willing to give up her new job and she did not start it yet: How reliable is she?" type of thoughts, or will they see it as: ''She really is willing to do everything in order to enter to my firm!'')

Any sort of consideration or recommendation you want to make, please do not hesitate!

Thank you in advance

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replied on Jul 02, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

I generally agree with Vlad; adding some further comments to your questions:

  1. That would be totally fine – of course not the nicest thing to do to your current employer, but what would be the alternative? It doesn’t make sense to give up the opportunity to join MBB, just to please your (then) former employer
  2. Since you have solid reasons why you did not apply for MBB before (visa issues), I don’t see any problem so far that you sincerely explain your goal was from the beginning joining that particular MBB company



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replied on Jul 02, 2018
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As for your first question - of course, you can. Consulting companies are used to churn and no one will even think of it negatively if the resignation is done correctly. Just follow several simple rules:

  • Inform the project manager you are working with at least 3 weeks in advance so that they could find a new person and do the handout. Be flexible if they ask you to stay a bit longer
  • Try to stay friends with everyone (it's important since these people will be giving you the references for any future job)
  • Be very supportive and do your best on your last project in order to do a smooth handout of your tasks.

As for the second question - to be honest - during the networking, most of the people will not really care about your background unless there is something unique about it. They talk to so many candidates and have so many ongoing problems that I believe no one pays any attention. However, when you send your resume it may become a bottleneck. It may become an even bigger problem during the interview when you have to explain your career choices.

All in all, I recommend to start the networking / preparation now and apply in a year or so. Best!

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Anonymous replied on Aug 16, 2018

I would be cautious and check the visa application process as well. In the UK for example, you need to pass a Resident Labour Market Test (the employer has to demonstrate that no UK/EU applicant can fill the role i.e. you cannot pass this test for an entry-level job). You are exempt from this test if you are changing from a student to a work visa, however not if you are changing from one work visa to another. I.e. if the MBB job would also be entry-level and a RLMT exists in the country you plan to apply for, you may not be eligible to apply/can apply but wouldn't be able to get a visa.

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