Reputation of Specialist consulting role at McKinsey?

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Anonymous A asked on Aug 04, 2018

I have the opportunity to join McKinsey as a Specialist on the "Partner-Electable" Expert track. The role is exclusively client-facing, and the assignments / training opportunities appear very similar to the "standard" generalist consultant.

I do not have an MBA, but advanced degrees in other fields, and performed well throughout the series of case study interviews.

Can anyone provide insight on:

(1) how the specialist role looks in terms of prestige/reputation on the CV?

(2) exit options back into industry

(3) whether this is a seems like a good development opportunity

I found some information on McKinsey business lines in the following post:

Any comments are appreciated.


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Anonymous replied on May 09, 2020

Dear A,

First of all, my congratulations t your McKinsey offer. This is a great opportunity to join the firm. In a brief, yes, it's a great career option and you should definitely go for it, since the career options are within the firm and also exit option outside, back to the industry looks favorable to your extent.

I'm also happy to share my experience with you. Feel free to reach out.



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replied on Aug 04, 2018
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The thread that you've mentioned is great and covers basically everything. Answering your specific questions:

1) Same. HRs don't know the internal McKinsey structure so for them it's the same brand and career path

2) There will be fewer options (since you are concentrated on a narrow topic) but better exit opportunities. It's especially relevant in the US where the companies like subject matter experts

3) Of course. Equally as good as the generalist role


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replied on May 09, 2020
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1) It's the same - being a specialist might actually be better in today's world anyway

2) Excellent - you can come back into industry in very senior positions or as a coveted advisor/contractor

3) Yes - you will learn an incredible amount and catapult your career.

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