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Mike asked on Apr 30, 2019

Hi Fellow Consultants,

I'm preparing for applying to next year's summer intern and have come across with some questions:

- I believe most companies have not started accepted applications yet, so just want to make sure that the typical timeline would be - applying in July/Aug, interviewing in Sep/Oct, is this correct? And are there any firms that may start interviewing early, like some time in July? (I know Oliver Wyman did last year)

- I'm in a target school so can I expect most of the first round interviews on campus? Or would there still be interviews over the phone? Would the location depends on my office preferences?

- Will applying as a candidate who needs H1B sponsor makes it harder to get in a US office than a HK one?

- Will they use some kind of filter to screen out my name if I have applied before (around one year ago) and didn't make it through the screening process then?

Thank you so much in advance for any clarification!

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replied on May 01, 2019
McKinsey / Accenture Alum / Got all BIG3 offers / Harvard Business School


1) For MBAs Application will be in Oct-Nov, Interviews will be in Jan

2) yes, the interviewers mostly come on campus. It might change depending on office preferences.

3) No if you are studying in the US. Yes, and almost impossible if you are studying not in the US

4) Maybe. Each Target School campus has a local HR rep who is in contact with Alums of the company. So your classmates (MBB alums) should recommend you to increase the chances


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Mike on May 02, 2019

Thank you Vlad! So for undergrad intern application the timeline would be like the one I described? If I apply to HK office will the second round take place in HK? And regarding the last question, I just transferred from a nontarget school so will that help me avoid being screened out since I'm now applying from a different school (that has OCR)?

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