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Anonymous A asked on Apr 01, 2021

Hi, I have to prepare a ppt presentation for the fit part of an upcoming interview. do you think it would make a good impression to make the presentation in the company's style (e.g. color, font, ...) or do you think it would be better to choose a very own design?


on Apr 02, 2021
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on Apr 02, 2021
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Hi there,

Please de-emphasize design and emphasize content. They care about your thinking and structure, not if you've made it pretty (they can train you in this).

Here are some PowerPoint Tips:

I recommend that you start to approach it this way: boil down good vs bad design into principles, determine the key things to check in a slide, identify what small tweak changes a slide from looking average to awesome.

For example:

  1. Always align items on your slide
  2. Look to keep even spacing and sizing between multiple items (i.e. if I have 4 icons down the left column, I make them the exact same size, and set them all to be equidistant from each other)
  3. Use colors to highlight focus areas and draw the eye - but don't overuse colors! (Maybe my first column will be dark blue with white text, if it's asking the key questions we have. Or maybe if I have a "summary" or 3 takeaways on a slide I'll bold + add color to the specific words/phreases that each takeaway is really addressing)
  4. Identify what you are trying to achieve from the slide and then pick your template - there are probably 5 template I cycle through based on what I need. Coloring + content make them look different from each other, but boiled down, they're all quite simple (i.e. a table slide, a sequence slide, a 3 key takeaways slide, etc. etc.)

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Anonymous on Apr 02, 2021
thanks! would you use action titles?


My 2 cents: PowerPoint design won't make any difference, the content (not just the messages but also the way you structure it) will make a difference.

Be concise and crisp in the message, go directly to the point, and cut off everything is not essential. Use bullet points to give more clarity and structure to your message and above all remember: one slide --> one message.

If you need any help with the ppt just let me know.. I spent 10 years in BCG so PowerPoint communication is now embedded in my DNA :-)



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Anonymous A on Apr 02, 2021
thanks! would you use action titles?

Ask HR or the recruiting manager for the company template. If they give you one, great otherwise make a simple but slick template of your own. Little details like these can make a difference when competition is tough.

Feel free to shoot me direct message if you need help. I have helped many candidates be succesful in past months on written cases & presentations.

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I think the answer is what YOU feel most comfortable with. My personal view would be that you want to focus more (and perceived to be more polished) on what you say and how you present yourself/your story than the PPT slides. As a result, I would just use a super simple design (even a plain white background with simple text and visuals) then to try and mimic the company's template.

Good luck!

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I don't think you should replicate their style or design slides in corporate colors. If they send you their template (which I doubt), then use it, otherwise I would go for a very simple, mostly white slide design.

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Hi there,

agree with what Adi and Ken said. Just adding: If you don't have the official PPT Master from HR I would highly recommend NOT to use it as questions may arise as to where you've gotten the master from.

So since HR did not provide you the official master with the invite, they're expecting to come up with something on your own.

Let me know if you need help in the preperation.



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Hi, I confirm content and communication are the key aspects measured. In terms of the template, keep it minimal. I think looking at the company's style is a good way to do it


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