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Anonymous A asked on May 12, 2017 - 3 answers

Can somebody share their experience who went through the interview process with Porsche consulting? Thanks :)

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Andrea replied on Jul 12, 2018

As an experienced I had one phone call and the in person interviews.

Phone call was mainly on my story, and you need to tell your story in a way that is consulting-likeable.

The cases are not the usual cases you have with McK, Bain or BCG. Are small, practical and they ask you to present results on a flipchart. No much time to do your thoughts (15 minutes usually), also because they are very easy.

You must be able to provide an added value on your presentation.

Anonymous B replied on Oct 09, 2017

As an experienced hire I do not have Skype Calls. My first contact was a phone call with a HR colleague and then I was directly invited to the first round to the headquarter.

More information will follow during October...;-)

Do you have an Update regarding the interview process and questions? — Oliver on Oct 22, 2017

The interview had 4 parts: CV presentation, a small Case, personal fit questions and own questions. The case was an estimation question with 15 minutes preparation time: How many litres of german wine production is comsumed in Germany. Good luck! — Ole on Oct 23, 2017 (edited)

Sudipto replied on May 14, 2017

I hope Consulting Interview process is same as MBB interview process.


Sudipto Mitra

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