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Does anyone have experience with Porsche Consulting interviews?

Matteo asked on Jan 23, 2018 - 2 answers
Preparing for interviews in autumn

Hi all,

I have been invited for a first interview with Porsche consulting; it will be only with HR to start with. Is there anyone with experience on this kind of interviews?

The second round will be some kind of business case/presentation but for what I understand it will be a bit different from the traditional MBB cases.... any experience or suggestion on that as well?

Thank you


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replied on Jan 24, 2018
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Unfortunately, have no experience with Porsche. But here are some recommendations regarding a case with a presentation:

Here I've uploaded some case samples (Look for BCG wine in a Basket)

The best way to prepare is the following:

  1. Check if the calculator is allowed. So far it was. If not - you have to train mental math. I posted the main tips here:
  2. Prepare for a regular case interview - it helps a lot. Basically, prep lounge website is about it
  3. Practice reading cases fast and prioritizing the information. I found useful two sources:
  • Written cases you'll be able to find in google or in case books. I've seen a couple in "Vault Guide to the Case Interview" and "Insead Business Admission Test"
  • Harvard cases - either buy or try to find online. You can find a couple of MIT cases here for free: Unfortunately free cases don't have the prep questions.

Good luck!

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replied on Jan 24, 2018
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Hi Matteo,

from what I know (second hand – don't have direct interview experience with them) the first round with HR has the typical fit questions (Why consulting? Why Porsche Consulting? Why should I hire you? Etc.) Best way to do so is to prepare with time constraint for your answer. I just replied to another post with the following suggestion for the fit part:

  1. Write down all your answers if not done already. Use bullets to structure them.
  2. Repeat loud the answer. Put a timer with 2 minutes. If feasible, do so with a partner or record yourself
  3. Reiterate till when you are able to deliver the answer with such time constraint. You will notice that your answers will automatically be more to the point.

Second round they leave you some time on your own (10-15 mins) to work on a business case/market sizing (eg what’s the total sales of a McDonald’s shop in city XYZ); you then have to present your analysis, usually on a white board. You can structure the case as usual, ideally spending some time to write the storyline on the whiteboard if present, to facilitate the following presentation.

Hope this helps,