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Anonymous A asked on May 25, 2018


Does anyone know if Oliver Wyman still uses the numerical reasoning test? A friend of mine told me he had to take it, but I couldn't find any info about it online.

Thank you for your help!

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Anonymous replied on May 28, 2018

Yes, they do. You can find some good information here: https://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/oliver-wyman-numerical-reasoning-test

The Oliver Wyman test is one of the hardest tests out there for consultancies - most of the questions are similar to GMAT-type question (e.g. ratios, geometry).

One word of warning is don't worry if you don't finish the test - very few people do and the pass % is quite low!



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replied on Jun 29, 2018
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that depends on the office you interview for, e.g. Germany does not use it any longer. If you go to the national Oliver Wyman website, you should check the recruiting process and, depending on location, they will mention the numerical reasoning test or not.



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Sandra on Oct 14, 2018

@Dorothea: I applied for Germany and was invited to do the test a few days ago. So it seems like they still use it...

Anonymous B replied on May 25, 2018

Yes, I had to do one as well.

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