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Anonymous A asked on Mar 09, 2018 - 1 answer

Hello all. I would like to know if anyone has been through the process post CV screening and numerical test for the Dubai office.

What can I expect as someone applying from abroad. First round and second round phone interviews, or second round office interviews? Additionally what's the structure of the interviews?

How best can I prepare for the specific cases OW does (i.e. what types of cases can I expect, and what are the best resources to prepare?).....Any tips for solving cases over telephone?

How can I best prepare for the behavioral fit/CV type questions? Any resources?

Happy to chat about the OW process in more detail over a PM for anyone who has gone through it. Thanks.

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replied on Feb 08, 2019
F500 Strategy | Ex-OW FS Consultant
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I went through the process for OW Dubai from Canada so happy to provide some perspective.

Post the numerical test, OW Dubai's recruitment process consists of three rounds.

For me the first two rounds were over the phone, conducted by Engagement Managers at the Firm. The format of these interviews is a mix of case and fit, with the case taking up the larger chunk of the interview.

The final round or "super day" is held at the Dubai office. OW would fly you in for a full day day of interviews. At this final round, I went through three rounds of interviewers: two Partner cases and one round with a Engagement Manager.

They usually get back to you with a decision either later that evening or the following day.

Hope that helps!