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Guido asked on Mar 21, 2019

Hi All,

I have just been invited to OW Behavioural Skills online test. It only says it will take 20 minutes to complete. Do you know what this is?


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Anonymous A replied on Mar 21, 2019


A couple of questions about yourself without time restriction so there is no preparation needed.

Questions have 4 answers, and you need to choose the answer that is most probable and least probable. For instance, could be: "In general, people see you as someone: A- Patient B-Autonomous C- Selfish D- Curious", and you check to most and least probable and voilà :)

In the end, you will get your personality trait like any other personality test and wait for the next steps :)

Good luck,


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Anastasia on Mar 21, 2019

Thanks a lot. Very helpful:)