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Pavel asked on Feb 16, 2017 - 1 answer

Hello everyone.

I am searching for Oil & Gas cases that I can practice solving. I'll be interviewing for Bain in a very oil dependent nation and thus, presume that one of the interview cases will be focused on that industry. All input will be appreciated.




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Anonymous A replied on Feb 17, 2017

Hey! I have 2 cases which are related to the oil&gas industry (although I think even if you apply in a very oil dependent nation, you can expect any kind of case):

  1. Oil Co is a holding company that manages a portfolio of companies related to oil exploration. The portfolio can be segmented as: An oil rig managed and operated by Oil Co; a group of companies (including Oil Co.) that have proportional stake in an oil rig, with each company sharingcosts and profits.Oil Co. wants to increase its profitability-->what are key areas you would look at to help the company?
  2. The client is an integrated oil company and controls the entire supplychain from oil wells to gas stations. They have discovered a newautomobile fuel that will increase mileage by 30%. It will also cost10% more to produce the fuel. The fuel is similar to the old fuel inevery other way.What should they do with the new fuel? Additional information:There are 5 players in the industry (including our client). They all have equal market share. The interviewer asked to guesstimate what the demand would be like. No special environment concerns or advantages from the new fuel. Under no circumstances can the client capture more than 10% of the market due to capacity constraint. Margins on old fuel are 10%

Hope this helps you

Lovely, this helps a lot! Thank you! — Pavel on Feb 17, 2017

Hello Anonymous A, would it be possibe to share where we can find these two cases - the full version? — SM on Feb 10, 2019 (edited)