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Deloitte Monitor Interviewer-led PowerPoint preparation presentation
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Anonymous A asked on Jun 05, 2018

I have an interview with Monitor Deloitte in Europe and the format of it is as follow:

- 30 minutes preperation

- 90 minutes interview with a consultant

They sent me a sample of a case that would be similar as the one that would be presented to me and it's a ppt with a bunch of info about a company and asks 3 questions where you have to do some calculations to arrive at the answer.

I was wondering if anyone has had this type of interview or that's familiar with it, that could comment on this? Do I have to prepare a PPT to present the consultant our findings? 30 minutes to prepare the case feels fine but 90 minutes "interview" following that seems quite long as the presentation must take max 10-30 minutes, so what should I expect in the "interview" session?

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Anonymous updated the answer on Jun 05, 2018

Hey there,

No experience with Monitor interviews but there are similar formats in the tech industry for Business Operations / Strategy roles.

I can't comment on the Monitor format specifically, but just some general thoughts would be:

1. 30min feels a bit too short to prepare a PPT presentation. You will waste precious minutes thinking about slide formatting etc. Better to spend more time thinking about the answer than any slides.

2. Be sure to spend 10 min anticipating questions that may be asked of you. A 30 min prep vs 90min interview suggests to me that they will ask you questions that go beyond the initial questions that accompany the case study (what else will you discuss for 90 min!). Therefore, after you have an 80% answer on the core questions, I would suggest spending some time anticipating other questions that might be asked of you.

3. Finally, you should do your own research on this - but this situation feels like fair game to ask HR a few questions to clarify expectations during the 90 min session. I think it is very reasonable for you to email HR and ask them what the expected format will be during the 90min section and whether slides are expected.

Good luck!


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Anonymous B replied on Jun 05, 2018

Hi Anonymous I had the same thing with the Paris office. You are basically asked to read a case and prepare questions. The ppt they must have sent you should be a case called Footloose.

It's an interesting interview format. The most important thing is to get the first numerical question right, I presented it as an equation with different inputs. Usually most inputs will be available from the text/exhibits but there will most probably be a missing piece of input into your equation, it is very important that you estimate the number based on other information in the case and come up with a logical argument as to why you chose this number.

A tip I was given: read the small text under the exhibits and read all the footnotes

If you type "Monitor" or "Deloitte" in the search bar of the Q&A you will find more relevant information.

Best of luck!

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Julien on Jun 08, 2018

Hi Anonymous, I also have an interview with Monitor and I've searched all the Q&As in this forum already. Would you be free to talk more in details about how the process goes? Still unsure on what you should be doing during the 30 mins with "preparing questions". I would be forever grateful!

Anonymous replied on Oct 29, 2019

Hey, usually the case discssion takes actually more like 30-45min rest of the hour will be "talk me through your CV" and Q&A.
As you mentioned, you will receive a lot of information and graphs with 3-4 case questions. Usually a mix of quantitative and qualitative qualitative questions.
The quant questions you should present (talking your interviewer through your steps on your paper) no ppt. That beeing said, it certainly helps if you sketch your calculations neatly. The qualitative questions will be more of a dialogue.

I have some written cases in my portfolio, feel free to book a lesson and I will send you a case in advance that we can go through during the meeting.

Best of luck!

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