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Mercedes Benz Management Consulting Cases?

New answer on Nov 01, 2019
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Anonymous A asked on Oct 31, 2019

What's up peeps!

Has somebody gathered experience with cases from the Mercedes Benz Management Consulting interviews? I get that they will probably revolve around the automotive industry, but what kind of cases can I expect? Typical P&L, growth strategy, M&A, pricing etc. cases?

Would be glad if somebody could help me out or even give examples, thanks in advance! :)

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Anonymous B updated the answer on Nov 02, 2019

They will let u solve multiple short cases solely focusing on the automotive sector (mostly problems they have solved in the past). Cases will be aroung market entry, profitability and growth (what my cases where about). The cases are devided into a qualitative and quantative part. They have an exemplary case on their homepage.

Good Luck!


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Anonymous A on Oct 31, 2019

Thank you for your answer. How much time did you get to prepare your structured answers until final discussion? Did you face time constraints?


Anonymous B on Oct 31, 2019

Since the cases are pretty short your preparation time is pretty limited, however they are solvable. Prepare your math and frameworks well and you'll be fine. Interviewers are Ex Mckinsey, BCG and Roland Berger guys.


Anonymous A on Oct 31, 2019

Alright thanks for your insights. One more question: is it interviewer-led since there are lots of former McKinsey guys? Also, did you get an offer back then?


Anonymous B on Nov 02, 2019

It is interviewer led. I have received an offer and declined due to personal reasons.

Anonymous C replied on Nov 01, 2019

I'm interested too. Could somebody provide an exemplery case about one of their former projects?

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Anonymous B on Nov 02, 2019

Example: adviced Mercedes-Benz Guard on how to diversify their product portfolio. Reason: MB Guard is not a profitable business. Interviewee should come up with ideas for new products and define a pilot market for these new products. Afterwords - Some calculation on product price with given cost and profitability goal per car. It has been a while, so I am not sure if I remember correctly on the math part. Sorry guys.


Anonymous A on Nov 03, 2019

Cool thanks for the insight. Doesn't seem too difficult. Do you remember the salary that they offered you?

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