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McKinsey SHL Test

Claudia asked on Sep 24, 2017 - 3 answers

Hi all, I have a couple of questions regarding the McKinsey SHL Test (Milan office).

In particular, the time provided seems to be 45 minutes for the Verbal Reasoning part and 45 minutes for the Numerical Reasoning part - does anyone know how many questions there are for each part?

I have practiced these tests on but tried the CEB SHL and it seems structured in a different way - in particular, for each question a new graph/table/scenario is shown, which makes it harder to complete all the questions in the given time (whereas on jobtestprep 3+ questions were based on the same graph). Does anyone have a clue on how the McK test is actually structured/have some template questions?

Thanks in advance,


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Matteo replied on Sep 24, 2017

Dear Claudia,

I completed the SHL a couple of weeks ago. Regarding the numerical one i had 25 questions in 18 minutes, while the simulation was 25 for 25. So my suggestion is to do the simulation faster than the time provided. The verbal one was the same as the simulation.

With regards to your other question, i am sorry i don't have have anything more than the simulations on the website you mentioned.

Hope it helped

Thank you :) I was really confused by the different timings provided! — Claudia on Sep 24, 2017

PS: Once you submit the test, do you know the results? — Claudia on Sep 24, 2017

Hi Matteo, does the real SHL provided by McK show a different graph-data set for each question as well? I think this really makes a lot of difference. Thanks! — Edoardo on Sep 24, 2017

Anonymous B replied on Jan 21, 2018

Hi Claudia,

Can you please describe the test you took, timing, difficulty compared to practice on shl or jobtestprep and if it's the questions follow each other (3-4 questions for the same math problem or paragraph).

Stefan replied on Nov 07, 2017
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Hi All,

For the verbal reasoning section the practice questions I have been doing have been structured in the following way:

1 passage with 3-4 questions on that passage. Is the McKinsey SHL the same format or does each question come with a new passage?


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