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Teddy asked on Oct 06, 2017 - 5 answers


I recently found the website and I am still not sure how it works to practice with live partners. I hope you can help me with suggestions of how to advance as fast as I can.

I have my 1st round of interviews at McKinsey coming up in 2 weeks and I want to prepare the best I can in this short period. I have read Victor Cheng's book, have some knowledge of Case in Point (although I find the Ivy Case Framework too difficult to understand), I'm beginning to listen to LOMS too and have done 1 practice case study with a current MBB consultant.

I'm here to find partners who have some experience with cases and can help me understand the best way to do the cases but I'm afraid that as a beginner I can't do the same for my practice partner. Therefore I'm wondering how does the website work for people who are still starting out and can't return the favor? Should I attempt to give a case to my partner and give feedback without any experience? And where do I even find a case to give to my partner?

Sorry if my questions sound stupid, I thought this is the best way to get informed quickly on how to proceed.

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Anonymous replied on Oct 06, 2017

As you have interviews in two weeks, I suggest you go to the "Case Partners" site and try to get as many case meetings with partners as possible. Once you gained some inital experience Iyou might wish to have one or two sessions with an expert to refine your skills.

Overall, try to get 20+ case studies if you feel you have troubles with the case interviews or if you feel insecure. Chances of success increase significantly with practice.

Best of luck!

Vlad replied on Oct 08, 2017
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I will probably give you the best prep advice you can get in your situation. If it is not an internship with a dedicated interview period, please reschedule the interview. You can't imagine how many people have failed just because they didn't take enough prep. There is absolutely no penalty for rescheduling.

Take 1 more month, and make as many cases with partners/coaches as possible. Also, spend at least 2 weeks on preparing your FIT interview answers.


Francesco replied on Oct 31, 2017
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Hi Teddy,

that's probably a bit late for you, but hopefully useful for someone else; as for ways to proceed, I would suggest the following:

  1. General understanding of the process: get a general idea on what a consulting interview is about
    • Resources: Case in Point, Victor Cheng free videos, PrepLounge Resources section
  2. Learning structures and main fit questions
    • Resources: Victor Cheng Look Over My Shoulder, MBA Handbooks, PrepLounge Resources section, Expert sessions
  3. Practicing with live partners to apply knowledge and improve communication
    • Resources: PrepLounge P2P interviews, friends preparing for consulting
  4. Final review to eliminate the last mistakes
    • Resources: PrepLounge P2P interviews (experienced users), friends working in consulting, Experts sessions

With the knowledge that you have you should be able to both give and receive a case interview, so that should not be a problem. Keep in mind you need 150-200 hours of preparation on your own to be ready (less with expert coaches), so you should plan your preparation in order to have sufficient time for each area.



Anonymous A updated her answer on Oct 06, 2017

Hi Teddy.

First of all I am very new to this as well and I am sure you are not the only one in this case.

Second, in order to find partners you should see a meeting board on your home page and you then select partners depending on time and level. You can also put your time preferences and wait for people to select your meeting proposal. In your case the most optimal way will probably be selecting available meetings rather than waiting for someone to select you since you are a beginner.

Third, there is a case library that you can access under case materials I believe, which will be on top of your screen after case partners and coaching.

Fourth, I am sure you can give some useful feedback provided that you practiced with a current MBB consultant. Regardless, you should mainly focus your practice with advanced partners since you dont have much time. What I would suggest is to do a mix of practice with advanced candidates and beginners as well.Your feedback will be more useful to beginners and you can also pick up on their mistakes as you interview them which is useful to improve your performance. Try to also get an expert that would help you refine your skills.

Fifth, there are no stupid questions. We are all here to learn.

I hope it helps and good luck!


Joseph replied on Jan 11, 2019

Many people only train on cases and neglect the personal experience part of the interview. Big mistake. If you want to crack the interview within 2 weeks, it is as important as the case and will help the consultant determine a decisive question about your fit: ‘would I want to have this person on my team?’. The good news is that this part of the interview is more predictable than the case and thorough preparation will help you a great deal.

If you want then you can get free resources from the top MBB consulting firms for your Preparation.

Here’s are some references:


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