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McKinsey Application

Anonymous A asked on Jun 08, 2019 - 4 answers

Hi all,

I applied to McKinsey in Feb 2017 and secured an interview then. However, I was rejected after the first round interview.

Now that 2 years have passed, I reapplied to McK and was rejected without even being invited to the PST. The same happened when I reapplied last year after the 1 year mark.

Would this mean that I’ve been ‘blacklisted’ by the company? I found this strange as I have more experience in my current role and has been promoted twice compared to 2017.

Your honest opinion would be much appreciated.

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Francesco replied on Jun 10, 2019
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Hi Anonymous,

as mentioned in other answers your rejections do not necessarily mean you have been blacklisted, it could be that HR simply did not see enough growth in your CV compared to the last application.

I would recommend the following:

1. Review your CV/Cover to be sure they are aligned with your growth path

2. Apply with a referral and/or potentially consider a less competitive office in case you are flexible with the location after the ban

3. Keep options open with other consulting firms unless you are already in strategy consulting. Even if you are targeting McKinsey as final goal, some years in other strategy consulting firms could help to make your CV more attractive.

Hope this helps,


Vlad replied on Jun 09, 2019
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It's not that you are blacklisted but rather nothing has changed in your background since the last application. In order to be invited for the 2nd time you need to demonstrate something:

  • Career change
  • Career growth (e.g. you started managing people)
  • MBA
  • Some entrepreneurial initiative
  • etc


Anonymous replied on Jun 09, 2019

Hi there,

It does not necessarily mean that you are blacklisted.

However, it may mean that your performance last time was below the threshold that they are not sure whether they want to give a second chance. You may want to find a referral considering you had many achievements after that interview.

Please note that this is just a hypothesis. Maybe there are some other reason(s).


replied on Jun 08, 2019
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It does not mean that you have been blacklisted. But it does mean that you should try to find a referral the next time you apply. It goes a long way!