MBB preparation using VC's resources and Case in point

Siva asked on Mar 19, 2016 - 3 answers

Hi Fellow Learners,

I am preparing for MBB case interviews, just finished VC's book. From here I am looking to prepare with partners and discuss more. Would like to give and take mock interviews. please let me know any body intrested in combined preperation.

Thank and ATB


3 answers

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Taha replied on Mar 19, 2016

Happy to prepare with you. Please let me know if interested

Matt replied on Mar 19, 2016

Happy to prep - message me if interested

Julio replied on Mar 22, 2016
Currently preparing for BCG and Bain interviews.

Hey Siva,

Just drop me a message and we could try to come up with a schedule on when we can practice interviewer-led cases.