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Anonymous A asked on Nov 16, 2018


I'm thinking about to get a good business education on top of my engineering degree because I can't imagine to work my whole life as an engineer. I enjoy it but my end goal is to become one day a CEO of a big company or maybe to start my own company and to be successful (EBITDA > 5 Mio. $) with it . I don't have much work experience and I don't want to wait 2-3 years to start an MBA program for this reason i thought maybe an Master in Management for example this program: could be a good fit.

Would you recommend an MBA or an MiM or are both similar? I know that MBA grads have much more work experience and the network opportunities are better. But my goal is to learn the business side of things.


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Anonymous replied on Nov 17, 2018

Since you are on a consulting board: why don't you try work in consulting for a few years, get your MBA (sponsored) and then later move into industry? Consulting firms love Engineering graduates, so you won't really have any advantage from having an MiM assuming your undergrad in Engineering was from a good school. You would also enter at the same level.

MBA is simply much more respected, especially in the states.

As for "learning the business side of things" you will learn a lot more actually working in consulting than you will in a master's programme.

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replied on Nov 17, 2018
Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews

I have both. MIM is typically done before work experience, and MBA after a few years. Both will teach the same material, but the MBA is more recognized / brings more value by virtue of you being able to visualize better since you've worked a few years already. The market agrees and puts a clear premium on MBA over MIM. There is no contest

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replied on Nov 18, 2020
McKinsey | Awarded professor at Master in Management @ IE | MBA at MIT |+180 students coached | Integrated FIT Guide aut


100% an MBA, and I wouldn´t recommend you to hurry so much (2.3 years is nothing in a carreer). Mostly, becuase of the network you build, that has nothing to do with the MiM´s one.

Good luck!

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