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Marketing costs and recommendations?

Bain Case: Old Winery
New answer on Oct 07, 2020
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Raouf asked on Oct 07, 2020

Hey everybody,

Recommendations are good but they are still rising the marketing costs to a certain extent. Estimating them could be a plus to see if it is intersting?

I know it's not the aim of the case and not its core but why insurance is that high compared to the business financial and economic indicators? Is it because of the seasonality and wather-related business or the equipment state?


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replied on Oct 07, 2020
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Hi Raouf,

It's better to post your question directly on the case here:

That being said, everything you said is "Next Steps". This portion of your case is at the end of the case. Here you need to:

1) Provide a recommendation

Direct, clear, sharp, and to the point. Then, include reasons why. (So, what do we need to do any why)

2) State the risks

This is what you're asking about! You need to state 2-3 risks that relate to your recommendation. So 1) If the competition offers better bids 2) If we lose the project

3) State the next steps

Next steps have to mitigate your risks. So, everything you've said above, what do we need to do? Let's look at alternatives just in case we lose the bit. Let's do research and try to figure out what their bids are so that we can outbid them (or be prepared to lose).

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