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Expert coach | Head of recruiting for Bain | 8+ years interviewing | Free intro call
Case interviews
Fit interviews
Application package preparation
USD 209 / h
2 Coachings
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Hi there!


Why am I a great coach?


I spent 6 years at Bain in Australia where I was a consultant and I lead the practice’s recruitment processes for Associate Consultants (e.g. new graduates), as well as being the MBA school recruitment lead for INSEAD.


I know exactly how the application process is prepared (heck, I even wrote some of the case interviews myself), the tricks the interviewer and/or case will play on you, and how they want you to respond.


I’ve been in some form of coaching and training for most of my career. I was part of the Global Training Team and lead global training sessions for Associate Consultants, Senior Associate Consultants and Consultants whilst at Bain, as well as being the lead trainer for the same groups for domestic training.


Before joining Bain, I had significant interviewing and coaching experience outside of consulting, including hiring >30 FTEs across various professional roles (such as private equity), coaching new police recruits on forensic shoeprint retrieval and interpretation at the New Zealand Police College and tutoring at the University of Auckland School of Medicine.


I was also ‘non-traditional’ candidate in many respects (formerly a forensic scientist, limited business experience before joining Bain) so I was put forward by Bain to speak to other non-traditional candidates about how to approach the recruiting process and what life at Bain/a corporate/consulting was really like.


Along the way, I developed a lot of insights on how non-traditional candidates should approach the recruitment process to both put themselves at ease and how to a present themselves favourably in what is an unfamiliar environment.


I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Dec 19, 2023
by mil
Interview Coaching
Brad had great insights on how to structure but also go throughout the case. Those insights are very interesting to listen and apply even for people who have practiced a lot. In addition he is a ve...
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