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leadership experience story choose

Rebecca asked on Mar 25, 2018 - 2 answers

Hi all,

I was a president in an international student organization at my college school and worked hard with my officers to provide valuable workshop and events. (100+) Best operation organization at school.

Now, I am a VP of marketing at NPO which is a non-profit organization called Redefine. It builds a community for Chinese women, with a focus on self-discovery, growth and leadership. We embrace the responsibility to challenge, inspire and support self-identified Chinese women to think more critically, dream bigger, develop a give-back mentality, define their own identities, and redefine their paths. I led 10 people to make our marketing more successful. It's hard because everyone not in the same place. All meeting is through the online video call. I need build team and motive them to work together.

Which one is the best that I can use in leadership experience? Thank you so much!

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replied on Mar 25, 2018
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Hi there!

Based on your short description of the context, both examples are fine. However, the real question is: in which of those contexts did you encounter interpersonally challenging situations in a team setting, to explain your detailed "Actions" and "Decision-making rationale" (according to the PARADE framework) in those situation. The context as such is actually secondary.

Additional comment: As a rule of thumb, the more current your example is, the better - all other factory being equal, chose the more recent example.

(Why? Firstly, as an interviewer, I am interested in your current skillset and abilities. Therefore, I am not really so much interested in your actions and decision-making rationale several years ago as opposed to several weeks or months ago. And hopefully, you developed yourself further over the last couple of years, so that your actions and decision-making rationale were different today, given the possibility that you would be in the same situation again.)

Hope that helps!


Thank you!!! — Rebecca on Mar 25, 2018

updated his answer on Mar 25, 2018
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I would apply several filters to compare these two situations:

  1. Did you take additional responsibility (more than it was expected from you)
  2. Did the situation has a real problem?
  3. Did you have your own team of direct reports / a group of external stakeholders whose work you have to organize?
  4. Have you organized the process to structure and simplify the work of other people?
  5. Did you motivate others?
  6. Have you used the leadership tools that consultants usually use on their projects?
  7. How big was the impact?



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