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Key differences between BCG round 1 and 2

Anonymous A asked on Jun 11, 2018 - 2 answers

Hi there,

I have a BCG round 2 interview shortly and was wondering if there are any key differences in what they are looking for or focusing on in round 2. I haven't yet had any detailed feedback from round 1, but in general is there anything I should watch out for? I have been told the interviews will be predominantly with partners.


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replied on Jun 11, 2018
McKinsey Engagement Manager & BCG Consultant | Interviewer at McK & BCG for 7 years | Coached 100+ candidates secure MBB offers
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You have been advanced to Round 2. This means that your Round 1 interviewers believe that you have the skillset to do the job in principle.

In Round 2, they will focus on:

  • Consistency: Will you be able to consistently leverage your strengths to solve problems in a clear, analytical, and logical way?
  • Fast learning: Have your been able to address the errors/improvement areas marks that might have become evident in Round 1?
  • Maturity & Demeanor: Are you able to effectively liaise and work with senior people, i.e., Partners?

Cheers, Sidi

replied on Jun 11, 2018
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Hey Anonymous,

Sidi's answer covers most of the key points very well. I would add a couple more points on how interviews with partners can differ from interviewers with more junior team members:

1) Partners are more likely to have their own cases or "go rogue" and ask very out of the box questions. So be ready for potentially surprising/out of the box case interviews

2) Partners also have more freedom on the behavioural questions. I was once asked the standard "where do you want to be in 10 years" but the partner really wanted to focus on my personal life aspirations - e.g. why or why not having kids. It was an odd interview but he was definitely trying to determine how I thought and how sincere I was in my responses.

3) As Sidi mentioned, if there was a point that was mentioned as a weakness in a previous interview, they are also likely to really push you on that area (e.g. if your feedback was that you were a bit indecisive, they might put you on the spot and force you to make decisions/recommendations even in uncomfortable situations).



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