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Anonymous A asked on Apr 14, 2018

Hi everyone, I've tried joining some MBB prep groups - going for final rounds with these firms - but have yet to hear back from the administrative teams. Does anyone know how to expedite such requests? Have final rounds coming very soon and so under time pressure here, would welcome any thoughts. Cheers.

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I understand the urgency of your situation and the need to expedite your requests to join MBB prep groups. When it comes to administrative teams, it's important to be proactive and take certain steps to increase your chances of getting a response quickly. Here are a few suggestions:

Follow up politely: If you haven't heard back from the administrative teams, it's appropriate to send a polite follow-up email. Express your enthusiasm for joining the prep group and kindly inquire about the status of your request. Keep the email concise and professional.

Leverage your network: Reach out to any contacts you may have within the MBB firms or the prep groups. They may be able to provide insights or connect you with the right people who can expedite your request. Networking can be a valuable resource in situations like these.

Be specific and provide context: When reaching out to the administrative teams, be clear about your situation and the urgency of your request. Mention that you have final rounds coming up soon and would greatly appreciate their assistance in expediting your request to join the prep group.

Explore alternative resources: While waiting for a response from the administrative teams, consider exploring other resources that can help you prepare for your final rounds. Online platforms, case interview books, or even seeking guidance from experienced consultants can provide valuable insights and practice.

Remember, it's important to maintain a professional and respectful tone throughout your communication. Administrative teams often receive numerous requests, so being proactive and demonstrating your commitment can increase your chances of getting a timely response. Best of luck with your final rounds!

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