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Joining ECON as an international during COVID times

New answer on Jul 30, 2021
1 Answer
Anonymous A asked on Jul 30, 2021

Dear ECON team,

As far as I know, you only have offices in Germany. Can I join ECON when I am from another EU country where I currently live, as well, or are there any restrictions due to COVID-19? Does the country's COVID risk factor play a role? How would it work with the onboarding?

Thank you for answering!

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Anna-Lena replied on Jul 30, 2021
E.ON Inhouse Consulting

Hi there, many thanks for the question. We do hire internationally and already today have around 30 different nationalities in our team! Joining from abroad is possible if moving is restricted by COVID regulations and has been regularly done in the past year. However, as we are only a small consultancy of around 100 consultants, we value team work a lot and believe it is only possible to build an exceptional culture if personal interaction is fostered and lived. For example, despite the future hybrid model, we will keep our "Office Friday" where we hold our "Business Breakfast" and work on internal inititiatives together or just catch up over a coffee. You should therefore generally be open to moving to Germany in the long-term and become part of the culture to actually enjoy all the benefits ECON has to offer.

If you are interested to hear first-hand what our virtual onboarding looks like, you might want to tune in into our new podcast:

Sissel and Petar have some interesting insights there :)

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