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Is there a best time to submit my application to MBB & others?

Taimour asked on Feb 04, 2018 - 4 answers
Financial markets infrastructure developer


I am applying to MBB and other major consultancies as an experienced hire; I am currently working in a different field as an algorithm developer.

My question is this: from past experiences, I know that students would have a window of time during which they should submit their application to their company of choice (this is true for a wide array of industries, particular financial services). To this end, I would like to know if there is a best time to apply as an experienced hire?

Thank you for your guidance!


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replied on Feb 04, 2018
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Hi Taimour,

for experienced hire positions you can apply through the whole year (ideally, avoiding July and August for the summer break), as the demand for that depends on the need for specific projects. In some countries, annual bonuses may have an influence on the period when to apply, as more people than usual may leave after receiving them (usually somewhere between January and March); in that case, the firm may have a lack of experienced consultants right after that and increase intakes.

If you manage to apply via referral (highly recommended), your connection should be able to suggest you the best moment to apply for a particular office.



replied on Feb 04, 2018
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While in general principle I agree that as an experienced hire you can apply throughout the year, unless your profile is really truly unique (e.g. When you say "algorithm developer" you mean "I am an Amazon fellow in supply chain optimization and I brought to fruition Amazon prime now") you are subject to the same constraints of other candidates...towards the end of the calendar year if spots are already filled it's difficult to make the case for an extra hire which would have otherwise made it if she applied earlier in the year

hope this helps putting things in perspective,


replied on Feb 04, 2018
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There are no particular deadlines or best times for experienced hires.

Although there might be local fluctuations in demand (depending on the economy, particular office, etc), so I recommend the following:

  • Selecting the offices where you are applying wisely (In New York, for example, the hiring at McKinsey is always frozen)
  • Checking with your friends who work in the local offices what's the current situation with the demand and what are the alternatives
  • Talking to the partner responsible for experienced hiring (MBB HRs may refer you to him on special events for experienced hires or if you call the HR with that question)


Taimour replied on Feb 05, 2018
Financial markets infrastructure developer

Thank you all for your feedback. One more thing: would there be any other considerations to take into account as I would be applying from a non-traditional background (i.e. Not from a Business Schol)?