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Can anyone please shed a light on why the investment of $1m for the new technology given on Table 4 isn't included in the costs when doing business valuation with the technology? In fact, it isn't included in any calculation at all. Is there a guideline for when investment costs should or shouldn't be included?

Thank you!

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Anonymous updated the answer on Aug 26, 2020

Hey !!

This is a super easy question with a structure.
Do not include it for : business valuation with Discounted Cash Flow.
Include it for : any Net Profit Value calculation.

Formula Business Valuation

  • Discounted Cash Flow Method: Business Value = Expect Annual Cash Flow / Annual Interest Rate
  • Profit point of view: Expect Annual Cash Flow = Revenu - Cost
  • Revenu point of view: Expect Annual Cash Flow = Revenu
  • Cost = Fixed Cost + Variable Cost

Formula Net Profit Value

  • Net Profit Value = Present Value - Investment Cost
  • Present Value = Future Value/Discount Rate
  • Future Value = Expect Annual Cash Flow

An Expect Annual Cash Flow is a cash flow you are going to get every year. The investment cost is a one-time investment so we are not considering it.

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