I have recently contacted a recruiter in McKinsey's middle east office and I want to know what to expect

McKinsey & Company Middle East recruiting Referral
Anonymous A asked on Mar 30, 2021

I have recently been in contacted with a recruiter in McKinsey's Middle East office and I was told that they are interested in my profile. The person was very friendly and was able to answer all of my questions and clarify several things about the application process. I was also told to apply through the web portal, and to notify the recruiter I have been in touch with once I have submitted my application. I was wondering if this is considered a referral? Has anyone else been through a similar process? and did you eventually get an offer?

Thank you.

on Mar 31, 2021
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on Mar 31, 2021
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Hi there,

just for clarification, when you say "recruiter" do you mean an HR person or a consultant?

If he/she is from the HR dept, I don't think it will help much (to be completely transparent with you), if he/she's from the consulting body instead it will definitely help (the more senior your sponsor is the better it is of course).

Usually, the internal referral process works a bit differently though. I referred several people during my time at BCG and I was simply forwarding the resume and cover letter of the candidate to the HR department (skipping completely the online portal).

So your case seems a bit off compared to the normal referral process, but it should help anyway.

Hope it helps and good luck with your application!


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Anonymous A on Mar 30, 2021
I’m not 100% sure if the person I contacted is part of the HR or a consultant. Is it possible to get a referral from a partner? Is it still a good idea to try and get a referral even though I have submitted my application?
If you have the chance to get a referral also after your application submission do it, it would definitely help. The key point is that you still have to know an insider to get your reference
Anonymous A on Mar 31, 2021
I have previously contacted an engagement manager in the office I’m interested in applying to and I wanted to ask you what would be the best way to ask him for a referral?

Hey there,

It is not a referral but the effect is the same or even stronger. You can expect to be invited to the PSG and then start the interviewing rounds afterward.

I have written a very detailed article on the McKinsey application process with its different steps and components here: https://strategycase.com/the-mckinsey-interview-process-the-only-post-you-need-to-read

Please reach out if you have any specific McKinsey questions along the way! :-)



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I would not call it "tecnically" a referral, but the effect htat is going to have is the same :)

You are now going to start with the process. Do you have specific doubts about it?

Hope it helps!



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Anonymous A on Mar 30, 2021
Yes I was wondering if there is anyway to prepare for the imbellus test?

Hi there,

If you talked with HR, technically it is not a referral. However, if they are the ones who contacted you there are good chances they will call you. It still depends on your application material though (eg CV).

Answering your question on how to prepare on the Imbellus: if you want to get a complete overview of the Imbellus with a written guide, you can find it here:


If you want to get the guide AND watch 8 videos on how to crack the ecosystem management in less than 25 minutes (70% of the recommended time) you can find it here:


Please feel free to message me if you have any questions, I will reply within 12 hours.

Hope this helps,


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