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I have an interview with EY MENA

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New answer on Jun 20, 2023
3 Answers
Anonymous A asked on Jun 20, 2023

I just graduated college and did an 8-months internship in an investment bank and I have an interview with EY MENA the position is Valuation, Modelling, and Economics. 

how should I prepare myself? 


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Content Creator
replied on Jun 20, 2023
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Hi there,

Congrats on the internship and interview!

You need to prepare for fit, potentially a case (if they say so) and domain expertise.

Here are some preparation tips:

Here are some casing tips:

And here are some fit tips:

Most importantly: Make sure you are knowledgeable and well practiced in Valuation, Moedlling, and Economics.

Additionally, train yourself to answer multiple different question types and react on the fly.

Finally, ask them what to expect! Before you go in blind, get a better idea of what they plan to do.

Good luck!

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Content Creator
replied on Jun 20, 2023
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Hi there, 

That's great. 

As a first step, I'd research the format of the interview. Since you are not applying for a generalist consultant sort of role, there might be significant changes in what you can expect from the interview. Just reach out to HR and ask what is the format of the interviews (cases? personal fit? technical tests? how many rounds? etc.) 

Once that is clearer, feel free to them come back and post the additional details here on the Q&A so we can help you. 

Aside from this, a master trick is to connect with people who already do this job in the role that you'll be targeting at the same company. Connect with them over linkedin and get one on a 10 min call. Ask them about how they found the recruitment process and if they have any advice in terms of preparation. They're likely to give you tailored / super-specific advice that none of us can do at the moment with the little context we have. 

Aside from this, it's great that you got this interview, but keep on applying to diversify your risk. The guide below explains how to do this in order to maximize your chances of getting at least one offer:


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replied on Jun 20, 2023
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This is going to be a technical and behavioral interview. You can think about a business scenario (how to value or model different industries / types of businesses), but ultimately this is about your finance knowledge and finance-related business understanding (and recent world events / financial markets / local business environment knowledge).

Forget about “strategy case” type of interview. It does not apply to you.

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Ian gave the best answer


Content Creator
#1 BCG coach | MBB | Tier 2 | Digital, Tech, Platinion | 100% personal success rate (8/8) | 95% candidate success rate
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