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I am a masters student in Engineering at a top 15 school in the US. I have a GPA of about 3.7 and a year of work experience in a front end consulting role at EY. A McKinsey AP has told me he will pass my resume and ensure that I am on the recruiting teams radar. I want to know how referrals work in McKinsey and whether this means my chances of getting an interview are good?

Someone asked on Aug 05, 2018 - 2 answers

I'm not aware about how referrals work in McKinsey. If this is a positive sign, i can start early preparations.


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Vlad replied on Aug 05, 2018
McKinsey / Accenture / Got all BIG3 offers / More than 300 real MBB cases / Harvard Business School


There are certain criteria for the referral:

  1. The consultant makes you a reference in the system and uploads your resume. Usually, he has to indicate why he thinks you are a good candidate
  2. You skip some steps in the recruiting process (CV screening at McK, Test at Bain)
  3. The consultant gets a referral bonus ($) if you get a job offer

So in your case, you will pass the resume screening and they will invite you to write a PST.


Tia Morley updated her answer on Nov 14, 2018

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