How would you calculate the value of a cow?

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Anonymous A asked on Oct 01, 2019

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replied on Oct 28, 2019
McKinsey | MBA professor for consulting interviews

You should assess the value generated, the selling value and the costs:

1. Value generated during cow possession:

  • milk
  • sons
  • compost

2. The selling value will depend on:

  • remaining value generable
  • meat value
  • other parts value (e.g. horns, skin)

3. Main costs:

  • fixed costs amortization (e.g. farmer wage, structures, insurance, cow equipment)
  • medical expenses
  • feed and water



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Tim replied on Nov 25, 2019

In answering this question I would focus on portraying creativity and innovation, instead of focussing on the detailed value analysis.

My dad happens to be a farmer, so my answer would be to give him a call, which will probably not be an answer the interviewer is expecting

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Anonymous C on Dec 22, 2020

and probably not an answer the op was expecting.

Regina replied on Nov 07, 2021

Liter gegebene Milch x Lebenszeit 


Preis Milch

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Rochelle replied on Oct 21, 2021

Conduct market research to find out how cows are valued.

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Anonymous D replied on Sep 18, 2021

Estimate the value of cow in the market

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Anonymous B replied on Jun 17, 2020

the weight, the milk it produces it per day and the market price

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