How to prepare for BCG Real Life interview?

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Anonymous A asked on Mar 14, 2019

I have an interview with BCG in a couple of weeks for a German office, there will also be a part called "BCG Real Life". On their website, they give a relatively vague description of the content (3x12 minutes, real life situation of a consultant).

Could someone give a few examples of what situations I could be tested in this part and if there is an efficient way to prepare for them?

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Anonymous B replied on Mar 14, 2019


I will also have my 2nd round in Germany soon (maybe we could get in touch).

As I know from friends that work at BCG, the real-life interviews will also test the weaknesses that you showed in the first round.

It can range from:

  • getting information from a client during a taxi ride
  • producing an executive slide for a partner based on multiple slides you receive
  • convincing colleagues over lunch about an idea
  • writing an email to a client
  • ....

Hope it helped a little bit. BCG says you can't prepare for those short interviews.

I think you can already go through some situations and train things like producing slides etc.

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