How to prepare for BCG online case?

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Anonymous A asked on Dec 08, 2017

Hi everybody!

I have been invited to BCG first round, which will consist of two face-to-face cases and one online case. What should I expect from the online case? Is it somehow similar to McKinsey PST/SHL? How should I prepare for it?

I will interview at the italian office in Milan, if that matters.
Thanks for your help


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replied on Sep 09, 2018
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I have uploaded both test samples here (Online test is about airlines). I've also added BCG written case sample (Next round) and Bain written case:

(PM me for a password)

As for particular recommendations for online test:

  1. Try to find as many people in your country as you can who have done the test. Ask them for the topic, industry, and questions they remember. For example in one of the countries there was a test about airlines and reading a couple of articles / company reports / wikipedia articles with industry terms could significantly improve performance
  2. Try to practice tests with strict time-management. McKinsey PST from the official web site and all mck and bcg -like tests you can find online
  3. Additional resources can be GMAT Integrated reasoning from the official guides and apps if you feel that you are not p[erforming well
  4. As far as I remember calculator is allowed on BCG test. Make sure you know how to simplify calculations and use it fast


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Yan Yi on Sep 16, 2019

Hi, do you mind sharing with me the password? Im taking the test in 2 days so really need all the help I can get! :)

Olle on Sep 23, 2019

Hi Vlad! Do you think you could PM me the password? :)

Tristan on Oct 12, 2019

Hi Vlad, Could you please send me the password ?

Michael on Oct 15, 2019

Thanks so much Vlad. Really appreciate the guidance.

Daniel on Oct 19, 2019

Hi Vlad, could you please send me the password for the dropbox folder? :) I'm taking the BCG test next Friday.

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updated an answer on Aug 06, 2021
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Hi Anonymous,

I did the numerical test (not the Potential Test, but the other one based on numerical and logic) in the Milan office some years ago (2011) and got confirmation that last year (2017) was still the same; the test consisted of two parts:

  • Numerical test. Very similar to the SHL numerical part. Paper-based, each question had 5 or 10 possible answers. Questions were not hard, but time was really short.
    • Resources: You can train online on SHL type cases with a strict time constraint. You can find an example of a SHL numerical test at the following link:

  • Logic test based on traffic lights colours. Technically speaking, the test is called Fault diagnosis. In the test, two or more traffic lights are connected by codes; each code changes a colour of the traffic light; one or more of the codes are broken and you have to understand which are the broken ones. It was a bit complex to understand the logic initially, but once understood it the test was not particular difficult.
    • Resources: You can find an example of a Fault diagnosis test at the following link:

That being said, BCG has started rolling out a new Online Case (also called the Chatbot Interview) since 2019. It is structured in 2 parts:

  • 8-10 questions to be taken in 25-30 minutes
  • 1 video interview question at the end, where you have to provide a recommendation

The main differences compared to the previous version (BCG Potential Test) are the following:

  1. 8-10 questions instead of 23
  2. 25-30 min instead of 45
  3. Calculators allowed
  4. Presence of open questions
  5. Video sum up at the end

The main challenges based on the candidates I helped are the following:

  1. Time. Questions are not particularly difficult, however you will feel time constraints also due to the fact you don’t know how difficult the next questions could be - thus how much time they may require
  2. Chatbot interaction. Unlike a test like the McK PST, you cannot proceed “at your own pace”. You will have to follow the evolution of the test as questions are revealed one by one
  3. Math. Candidates often find the math quite challenging given the time constraint

If you want to prepare in the best possible way, I created a guide exactly for that.

This guide will:

  • Show you the perfect strategy to answer the 5 types of questions in the Chatbot
  • Offer you a clear strategy to optimally structure the One-Way Video Assessment
  • Provide insider information from previous applicants who succeeded the Online Case
  • Structure a clear preparation plan based on 6 FREE PSTs and Potential Tests
  • Replicate the same experience of the interview thanks to 2 FREE Complete Chatbot Cases (Casey-style)

And much more ;)

You can download the guide instantly here:


2. BCG Online Case Secrets - Chatbot Interview.png

As an extra bonus, I am currently offering the BCG Potential Test #1 (worth $39) and Graph Analysis Cheat Sheet (worth $29) for free with the guide. That may change in the future so hurry up if you are interested ;)

If you need additional support or have any questions on the guide please feel free to PM me, I will reply within 12 hours. 

Hope this helps,



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replied on Jun 23, 2020
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It´s indeed very similar go GMAT, this would be where I would focus.

In particular, I would strongly recomment you practice it with the Integrated Reasoning part of the GMAT exam.

There are free exams in the internet that you can use for practice (the one of LBS MBA page, Verits prep, as well as some free trials for courses such as the one of The Economist (

Hope it helps!



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Originally answered question:

Bcg online test

Anonymous D updated the answer on Dec 21, 2017

Hi Domen,

Adding onto what Francesco wrote.

I recently took the BCG test (just 2 weeks back). Although i was told about the test only the evening before my round 2 interviews, so I didn't had much time to prepare.

My key take away (after a last minute panic and google search on how to beat BCG test) are:

  1. Time yourself -45 minutes can fly quickly
  2. The test has two cases and more informations will be made avilable to you as you go on
  3. Each question was linked to the previous one in either qualittive or quantitative way
  4. Use the calculator -(take yours and practice onit, I was given a big calculator and I did spend a lot of time on just getting used to it)
  5. I selected multiple answers which were -none of the above (this may sound normal, but I am coming from education background where I have taken at least 4 Multiple answer format test each year, and rarely that has been the answer.
  6. Read the graphs carefully and make sure you understand the questions so that you don't solve something which is not needed.

And yes, I got the offer. So I hope it helps you.



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Louis replied on Sep 08, 2018
Went through mock workshop and attended in-person coaching by McKinsey. Looking for solid partners to practice

Find "BCG online test pdf" on Google. There are a few tests with limited questions that is similar to the real test.

My tips from my recent BCG test: practice quick, logical thinking.

For example, here are a few question types from what I recall:
- Choose the most important data for the analysis
- From a few variables, create a formula a calculation to get the required data (e.g Revenue = 100.x / (y - 50z) )
- Do you think that we can calculate X from all the data available? (Requires you to think about what data you have, and can you calculate X with the data)
- Other questions required you to interpret exhibits, make calculations... Not math-heavy, but logic-heavy
- What action is the most impactful to achieve the business's objective? (Test your business sense and logical thinking)
- True / False

Do some McKinsey PSTs can help. Make sure that you read the questions carefully.

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replied on Feb 02, 2018


My advice would to be for you to practise mental math (divisions, multiplications, percentages, approximations) as much as possible. This type of tests are mainly about interpretation, accuracy and speed, so you should try to be comfortable with these three dimensions.

A nice way to practise is to take a P&L from a company and start playing with their figures: e.g., what would be the % impact in profitability if transport costs decrease by X; what's the % of staff costs over revenues, etc.



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Anonymous replied on Oct 01, 2017

Hi Lior,

As Francesco and Marc highlighted, a good mix between interview cases and test preparation is ideal but please keep in mind that you're not getting the interview chance if you don't pass the test.

As for the test: BCG sample tests are the greatest prep source but I personally don't believe PST is the best back-up. This is because BCG tests sometimes fall into pure math like geometry questions (no business context at all) - and this is why I think the GMAT quant questions are a better source of questions. Additionally, there is also an "infinite" amount of questions to train ;)

I'd suggest you to do 2-3 sample tests to check what are your strengths and weaknesses - be honest to yourself and try to close whatever gaps you might have.

Wish you the best of luck!



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CoachingPlus Expert
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replied on Nov 26, 2022
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In addition to what has already been answered here, I think the most important point is to master time management. Make sure you are EXTREMELY mindful of time because many candidates often do not complete the assessment.

All the best!


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updated an answer on Sep 05, 2021
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Jessica on Mar 18, 2020

Hey Marco-Alexander! I got shortlisted for an associate job at BCG and will be sitting the online test soon. Are there any tips you could give me on how to prep for it please? Thank you in advance!

Marc replied on Sep 30, 2017

Hello, I am also preparing for the BCG online test, let me give you some tips:

1.- Continue solving interview cases, because after the test they can (sometimes) not give you enough time to prepare for the first round.

2.- In terms of preparation, focus on accuracy at first and then on speed. You can practise using also PST, even though they do not have the same dynamics.

3.- You have enough time to prepare, so get started now practising mental math skills and also interpreting graphs from BCG Perspectives or McK Quarterly to get used to interpreting raw data.

Take care,

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Anonymous replied on May 18, 2020


Vlad explained it very nicely

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Originally answered question:

BCG online case (European office)

Anonymous C replied on Apr 13, 2017

Hi Sebastin,

first of all congrats on the invitation to write the test! how did you do? do you mind sharing tips on how best to prepare for the test and wIat i can expect when writing the test! Thanks

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Content Creator
replied on Sep 13, 2021
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I have material and a dedicated session to prepare it, feel free to text me to discuss it.


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Raffaella replied on May 10, 2021

Hello Vlad, could you kindly send me the password? Thank you!

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Vlad gave the best answer


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