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How to estimate the number of visitors per year in the Eiffel tower?

Someone asked on Sep 24, 2017 - 2 answers

Hi could someone help me how to solve this problem?


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Andrea replied on Sep 24, 2017

Hi, hope it helps.

I will address the problem this way:

- N° of tourists daily * % of them visiting Tour Eiffel * 365

- N° of tourists daily = n° of incoming flights * % of tourists each flight * N° of passengers each flight * n° of airports

- N° of incoming flights daily = daily airport working hours * landing time

- N° of passengers each flight = 0,75 * full capacity (my assumption)

- % of tourists visiting Tour Eiffel in one day = 100% / avg vacation period

- landing time is about 20 min per flight

- daily airport working hours is 14H (from 7 am to midnight)

- THEREFORE N° of incoming flights daily = 14h * 60 min / 20 min = 42 incoming flights

- N° of airports = 3 (CDG, BEAU, ORL)

- N° of passengers each flight = 0,75 * 150 = 120 passengers

- % of tourists each flight = 50% (my assumption to make the count easier)

- THEREFORE, N° of tourists daily = 42 * 3 * 0,5 * 120 = 7560 (round to 7500)

- Avg vacation period = 4 days

- THEREFORE, % of tourists visiting Tour Eiffel in one day = 100 / 4 = 25%

- FINALLY, N° VISITORS PER YEAR TOUR EIFFEL = 360 (easy to calculate) * 0,25 * 7500 = 675.000

I welcome any comment, suggestion and fruitful critic.


Omar replied on Sep 24, 2017

I'd start by figuring the number of access points to Eiffel tower, I think you have three elevators and a stairs.

After that, I'd divide the year in peak days and non-peak days. Peak days will be the months of April through September and the rest are non- peak.

I would figure out the operating hours of the tower, i assume from about 9 AM till 12 AM. I would estimate the number of round trips each lift does during an hour (60 minutes divided by the duration of the lift's trip in minutes). Would then estimate the capacity of the lift, and during peak days, i think it is fair to assume almost full capacity throughout the day.

So i'd get the number of visitors for every lift trip and multiply it by the number of trips per day to get the number of visitors per lift per day. I would then ,multiply this by the number of days per year and then multiply it by 3 because we have three lifts.

For non-peak day i'd assume hald the amount of visitors as a quick rough estimation.

When it comes to the stairs, i would estimate the number of visitors that enter the stairs per minute ( probably 4 individuals per minute during peak times). I would follow the same approach as above to get the total per peak days. I would also divide this number by 2 for non-peak times.

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