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How to be less stressed during the interview?

Anonymous A asked on Mar 05, 2018 - 6 answers

Hello everyone,

Do you have any last-minute tips how to limit stress during the interview? Whenever I'm too stressed, it limits my creative thinking or makes me calculate poorly and this is of course a bad thing to experience in the interview!

6 answers

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replied on Mar 06, 2018
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Some tips here:

  1. Stay calm whatever situation you have. Keep in mind that it's a game and he may be doing that on purpose.
  2. Gape between the interviews!!! It really helps to get the oxygen to your brains and recharge quickly!
  3. Keep smiling, it's important. It really improves your mental state of mind if you are smiling! If you ask me what is the one game changer that helps people to produce a good impression I would say it's a smile!
  4. Keep professional. Think of yourself as a pro. You are not a kid, you are a guy who comes and solves the problem. Be dressed professionally, sit on the chair professionally - pose is important, have a professional voice. It will remove this mental state of being stressed.
  5. Keep structuring and asking the right questions. If you are structured the way you think, even if it is a common sense logic - it's very hard to give you a bad feedback
  6. Be polite and friendly no matter what.
  7. Try to engage the interviewer. If you take a minute - make a new structure on paper and present it. If you are doing the calculations - present your approach first and come with intermediate numbers. Don't let him start checking his e-mails!

All the Best!!!

replied on Mar 06, 2018
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replied on Mar 06, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

I agree with Vlad as for the general tips on how to behave in the interview. In case you experience stress during the interview itself, and you see this is limiting your creative thinking or structuring, the best thing to do is to:

  1. Recap everything you did till that moment
  2. Ask for one minute of time to structure your thoughts
  3. If still blocked/unable to find a proper answer, ask for help to the interviewer

It’s far better to ask for help if you are struggling than keep silent for 2-3 minutes without any communication with the interviewer.



Amina replied on Mar 05, 2018

Drinking water will make you less stressed

Anonymous replied on Mar 05, 2018


Take a good night of sleep the night before - one of the major mistakes I've seen was from people that decide to practice a lot of last minute cases or fit the night before and run into the interview super tired!



Justin T replied on Mar 07, 2018
Preparing for 2 MBB final rounds.

Drink more water. Music also helps, have a "pump-up song", e.g.

"Lose yourself" - Eminem

"All I do is win" - DJ Khalid