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How to ask for more time after receiving offer

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Hi everyone, am going into a number of final round interviews for different firms with a few weeks in between each of the final interviews - was wondering if anyone has had experience recieving an offer and successfully requesting for more time to decide? I imagine HR / the Partner who made the offer will immediately realise the candidate is pending other interviews and has not outright chosen their firm - is this potentially problematic in any way?

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Vlad replied on 03/13/2018
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It's important to show the commitment anyway and they will always give some time. Although in some countries, time may become critical since companies may have dedicated starting dates related to international training or batches or immediate project opportunities. I had this problem with two of my offers.

But there still may be several strategies to get more time:

  • Be transparent - you want to finish the process with all companies (And it's not about the particular company. For example, Bain was giving me an Intern Role while McKinsey gave me a Senior Analyst)
  • Ask for the time without explanation and if there is an urgency ask back why is the urgency
  • Time to learn more from employees: Given with what I've seen so far I am happy to sign the offer but I might need some more time to talk to people, visit the office and learn more about the company
  • Contract - Need time to check the contract details (it's not just about salary but also you can't have equity ownership as a consultant and you need to sell your businesses)
  • Refer to feelings - you can say that you don't feel comfortable making a fast decision and need some time to reflect
  • Family reasons - Need time to discuss with the partner


Sidi replied on 03/13/2018
McKinsey Engagement Manager & BCG Consultant | Interviewer at McK & BCG for 7 years | Coached 45+ candidates secure MBB offers

I agree with everything said in this thread. But I would stress that it might make sense to name a concrete date by which you will make the decision. As mentioned, be transparent about being still in the process with other firms and use this as the framing for your own deadline.

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replied on 03/13/2018

Hey anonymous,

"is this potentially problematic in any way?" >> No, that would not be problematic at all.

If you were successfully in getting an offer, it's because the firm really wants to hire you and will do their best to captivate you to sign with them, which includes giving a reasonable time for you to think and to decide on whether you want to accept (or not) their offer. Besides, all consulting firms are aware that candidates are applying to firms.

If it happens to you, just asked them politely for some time for you to maturate your decision and, if possible, ask them to give you access to consultants so that you can make an educated choice.



replied on 03/13/2018
Former BCG decision round interviewer with 300+ real interviews in 8 years

I would simply say that you are going through the interview process with multiple companies and for integrity you want to finish the interview with all of them given the time they invested with you to compare the different offers and make an informed decisions.

Hope this helps,


replied on 03/14/2018
Former BCG decision round interviewer with 300+ real interviews in 8 years

Please do not ask “what is the urgency” back to the HR/consultant who reaches out. That is not going to yield a productive conversation. Not a straight offer rescind, but a very likely “this is it” due to the confrontational nature of the question.