How perfect does your case interview performance need to be?

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Anonymous A asked on May 18, 2018


regarding MBB Case Interviews in Germany (or in general), how perfect does your case performance in all 3 Cases need to be both in terms of the number of cases with sub perfect performance and the amount of dimensions that can be sub perfect?

E.g. if we take the dimensions business judgment, creativity, quants, problem-solving etc., can you still get an offer if your problem solving structure is only mediocre or not fully MECE, but everything else is great? How "high" is the minimum level for gettng an interview? How do you determine whether an error or sub perfect skill is enough for rejecting the interviewee?

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Anonymous C replied on May 19, 2018


Hopefully this information helps:

From my understanding, Candidates are assessed across 5 or 6 areas - FIT/Structure/Comms/Quant/Creativity/Problem Solving etc.

You must perform 'at the bar' for each and every level.

You must 'spike' in at least one area.

Hope this helps!

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MBB Final Round Less Than Perfect

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If the two other partners give you great feedbacks and you were pretty good in the first round - you will get an offer.

However, they should have the arguments to defend you in the borderline situation. Thus I always recommend the candidates to demonstrate not just mediocre but an extreme performance:

  • Being super structured
  • Demonstrating very solid business judgment
  • Demonstrating great and memorable achievements in the stories
  • Asking smart questions and having a great conversation at the end



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Originally answered question:

MBB Final Round Less Than Perfect

Anonymous replied on Jul 06, 2018


usually one single less than perfect interview does not mean that you do not get an offer, even if this interview is the last one (i.e. with a senior partner).

If you've done a good job in the previous interviews, this will be seen just as an accident, unless the last interview was not a complete disaster (which does not seem the case). It is not necessary to be absolutely perfect.


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